Affordable Car Rental Services In Jacksonville & Surrounding Areas

Upgrade your next journey with a rental car for just $65/day.
Nissan Altima - 2023
Nissan Pathfinder

Short and Long Term Car Rental Service

Make your next trip one to remember with a short or long term car rental service.

Award-winning Car Rental Service

Our award-winning car rental service will make your journey easier and more enjoyable. 

Well Maintained & Comfortable Cars

A perfect combination of comfort &  upkeep, ensuring you a pleasant driving experience.

Easy 4 Steps Online Booking System

Make your bookings simple with our four-step online system! Just a few clicks away, 

1 - 2 Days

Standard Rate

2 - 5 Days

10% Discount

6 - 10 Days

15% Discount

10 - 15 Days

20% Discount

Above 15 Days

30% Discount

Free cancellation

Get the freedom to change your plans without worrying - take advantage of our no-strings-attached cancellations!

Theft Protection

Feel the ease of mind that comes from knowing all your prized possessions are kept safe, no matter what.

GPS on Every Vehicle

With GPS on every vehicle, drivers are never lost as they navigate their way through life. 

Refueling Policy

Our Refueling Policy will ensure that all vehicles have a full tank of gas at the start and end of each day, 


Book Online, by Phone, or In Person

There are three simple ways to book - online, by phone call, or in person!


Pick Up Vehicle or Request Pickup

Need to get somewhere safe? Just pick up your vehicle or request a pickup and you'll be on the go in no time.


Enjoy Unlimited Driving Miles

Never worry about running out of miles again! Travel as far and wide as you please with the freedom to drive without limits.


Drop Off at Valid Location & Pay

Make your delivery and payment process smoother by dropping off at a secure, approved location!

No matter the time of day or night, we're always there to help you - with 24/7 support that never sleeps!

Our cars are meticulously cared for, ensuring a smoothe and comfortable ride every time.

You can rest assured that your car rental experience will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

With GPS systems installed on every rental car, explore exciting new destinations with confidence and convenience!

Airport Transfer

Wedding Trip

National Tours

Gift Transport

Richard Bernal had a remarkable experience with car rentals, testifying that it was both efficient and enjoyable. With nothing but positive feedback to offer, he made sure everyone knew how great his trip went!

Richard Bernal

Christie Mendez took the stand to recount her experience renting a car - an event that changed her life forever. After signing for the rental agreement, she experienced something truly remarkable and unexpected: what began as a simple transaction became an unforgettable journey of self-discovery.

Christie Mendez

Dana Cotton had a remarkable experience renting a car - so much that she wanted to testify about it! She found the process effortless and walking away with her dream-rental felt like an absolute victory.

Dana Cotton


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