How to Save Money on Your Monthly Car Rental in Jacksonville

Reserve a Long-Term Monthly Rental Car in Jacksonville with AOC Car Rentals

AOC Car offers monthly car rental deals at low, competitive prices. The longer you rent, the more you can save, and our monthly rentals are presently on sale!

Whether you have a business trip, a long vacation, or just need a car to roam around for the weekend in Jacksonville, renting a car is an easy and cheap option. However, it’s significant to economise and avoid problems. So, when you rent a car next time, check all the details in the rental agreement.

Rent a car for extended periods to explore Jacksonville, Florida’s largest city. Our rates are the lowest, so the longer you rent, the more you save. Enjoy added benefits, such as exchanging your rental car anytime without a long-term commitment.

Why choose monthly car rental costs over a standard car lease? Here are the reasons:

  • There are no bank fees or down payments 
  • There is no demand for minimum commitment; initiate with one month and rent, considering your need
  • There is no limit to the mileage 
  • Flexible vehicle exchange
  • Interference maintenance included
  • 24/7 emergency roadside assistance

Monthly car rentals can be cheaper than conventional leases and more flexible without long-term contracts. This is ideal for military personnel shifting between cities or on short-lived assignments. It also suits travelling professionals or consultants with monthly work commitments, offering public or on-demand conveyance options.

A monthly car rental could be ideal if you’re purchasing a new car, moving for work, or driving home during college semesters. We also provide rentals for insurance alternatives, entertainment, and production needs. Whether you’re cruising the coast in a convertible or saving wear on your car with an economy rental, Fox has you covered and saves you money.

AOC Car Rental’s Tips: Cost-saving advice

Book early: In advance, book your rental car, particularly during jam-packed hours, as accessibility can run out.

Shop online: with research, find the best deals and book online the way you make bookings for flights and hotels.

Avoid airport locations: Rent from locations far from airports to avoid rising prices due to additional costs.

Opt for a compact car: Rent a car that fits your needs; consider the size of the car to save money on rental fees and fuel.

Be careful with insurance: Before purchasing additional insurance, check to see if you have coverage for rental cars under your current auto insurance policy or credit card.

Inspect for damages: check the car closely for any scratches, dents, or interior damage before driving off to avoid getting charged later.

Return on time: Late returns can cost you a full day’s rental fee, so plan to return your car promptly.

Refill the tank yourself: Save money by filling up the gas tank yourself instead of paying the rental company to do it.

At AOC  Rentals, our monthly car rental rates include:

  • Meagre rates that help you save money compared with weekly rates
  • Free, limitless mileage
  • A broad range of vehicles is available at various locations
  • 24-hour emergency wayside assistance


Join AOC Car Rentals to earn extra points! With monthly rentals, you collect points faster, which can be retrieved for future rentals or other goods and services. At AOC Car Rentals, our monthly car rentals are super flexible. One can rent a car for any number of months between 1 and 11.

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